Fiber-to-chip coupling with immersion fiber lens

High refractive index fiber lens coupling into silicon photonic waveguide
Close view of immersion coupling with high refractive index fiber lens.

One of the common challenges in silicon photonics and integrated optics is coupling light in and out of an optical chip. To achieve high coupling efficiency, the fiber mode has to match the mode of the waveguide on the chip. However, fiber mode is much larger than the mode of a conventional waveguide. For example, in silicon photonics, the mode field diameter of the SMF-28 fiber is ~10 µm at 1550 nm, while the mode size of photonic wire is only several hundred nanometers. The same relation between fiber mode and waveguide mode exists in the visible range.

An easy way to increase coupling efficiency is to use fiber lens.Read more.

Fiber imprint

Learn about the details of the fiber nanoimprint technology. The development of the photonics-on-a-fiber device consists of several stages. Our company provides a complete cycle of product development. See our workflow diagram below. Click on the diagram elements to see more. Read more.