Our fiber nanoimprint technology was featured by the Phys.org!

fiber with nanoimprinted diffractive beam splitter
SEM image of the fiber with diffractive beam splitter fabricated using fiber nanoimprint
3d structure made with fiber nanoimprint
SEM image of the 3D nanoimprinted structure on the edge of the fiber.

Phys.org, a science and research news website, has featured our fiber nanoimprint technology in their article “Tiny 3-D structures nanoimprinted on the end of an optical fiber”. Our method can create arbitrary free-form three-dimensional structures on the edge of an optical fiber to control the emitted wavefront. Nanoimprint lithography provides a subdiffraction resolution, which results in a precise wavefront control and perfect optical properties. The device, featured in the article, is a diffractive beam splitter. It converts the output of the single mode fiber into four beams of light with equal intensity.

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