Fiber nanoimprint enables efficient near field probe fabrication

Colorized SEM image of the campanile near-field probe imprinted on top of an optical fiber
Campanile near-field probe imprinted on top of an optical fiber

EE Times,, and multiple other news agencies have featured our paper titled, “Campanile Near-Field Probes Fabricated by Nanoimprint Lithography on the Facet of an Optical Fiber.”
This is the first demonstration of functional plasmonic nanoantennae, fabricated on the end of an optical fiber using our fiber imprint technology. The near-field probe featured in this article is Campanile probes, one of the most promising near-field probes today, but they are extremely laborious to fabricate. Simplified fabrication method needed to be developed. In the paper, we show the capability to faithfully replicate micrometer scale patterns (the pyramid) with sub-100 nm size features (the gap at the apex), placed to the center of the 4 µm fiber core with sub-100 nm precision. The functionality of the imprinted probes has been tested and confirmed.
This demonstrates our fiber technology enables a low-cost, (much) higher-throughput, and reproducible manufacturing of advanced nano-optical probes – a huge success!