Video of the simulated light propagation in the fiber lens

Watch the video of the simulated light propagation through the high refractive index fiber lens, immersed in the liquid with the refractive index of 1.51. The lens focuses light into a near diffraction-limited spot with the diameter of 730 nm (at the 1/e2 level, at 660 nm wavelength). Find out more about our nanoimprinted fiber lens!

FDTD simulation of light propagation inside Fresnel lens fabricated on an optical fiber via nanoimprint

The conventional approach to the design of the diffractive optics relies on the analytical design of the phase mask. However, this is not enough for the high performance, high numerical aperture structure. The actual simulation that takes into account light intensity redistribution in the structure is needed to get the correct results. The simulation results can be used for the optimization of the structure and to verify the fabrication procedure. Our company offers a complete product development workflow, including the state-of-the-art optical simulations.